World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day

For World Book Day the each class made up part of a story.  We hope you like it……….

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Gemma. She lived with her dad. They were very poor. Gemma and her dad went to the bank to get some money.

“Sorry, “ said the bank manager, “I can only give you money if you put your money in my bank and save it up.”

“Oh no,” thought Gemma. They did not have money to save for the bank and now they were getting hungry.  So they went to pick some juicy peaches. They tasted delicious and yummy, but when the peaches were gone, Gemma and her dad were still poor.

Gemma and her dad tried all sorts of ways to make money.  They sold some of their belongings, they asked friends for some change and Dad tried to get a job as a doctor! Then Gemma had an amazing idea…

This idea was going to make them rich!!!

“Why don’t we plant the peach stones, grow some trees and sell the peaches,” she suggested.

“What a great idea, my darling, but it will take too long,” replied dad.

Then Gemma remembered something.  Her mum had left them a special pack of “Fast-Grow” fertilizer. “Remember what mum left us…?”

“Oh yes, it might be our lucky day.”

They returned to their house, found the fertilizer, planted a stone and put the fertilizer on it.”

In a heart-beat and unexpectedly, a magnificent peach tree emerged from the ground and shot up into the atmosphere.  Astonishingly, high up in the clouds, they saw what looked like beautiful, golden peaches. “Let’s climb up and get them,” enthused Gemma, and up they went…

After the journey of a lifetime, they reached the summit of the enormous peach tree. Out of nowhere, a strange man with his back to them appeared. Beyond him, there was a gleaming golden palace. The man slowly turned around and with a booming voice he cried, ‘’You shall not pass!’’ Gemma and her father turned to run, but the tree had disappeared.

Just then, Gemma spotted two fluffy, white clouds like candyfloss floating by. While the strange man wasn’t looking, Gemma and her dad jumped onto the clouds and floated up towards the chimney of the golden palace. Suddenly, the clouds disappeared and they slid down the chimney until they reached the bottom. BANG! CRASH! There before their very eyes was a golden throne room with sparkling gems all around. There were rubies, emeralds and topaz. Slowly, Gemma reached out to grab a sparkling ruby but as her fingers touched the gem the floor opened and they fell down into a dark, dingy dungeon. How dreadful it was! The lights began to flicker like lightning and they saw three doors ahead.

There was a topaz door, an emerald door and a ruby door. Gemma had the ruby in her hand, she walked towards the ruby door and put the gem into the lock. Just then, the door swung open and they heard an echoed voice shouting “You shall not pass!” There stood an ugly, disgusting giant. Gemma could see an emerald gem glowing a minty colour just at the back of the room. She ran towards the emerald. She grabbed it. They rushed out to the emerald door. As quick as a flash, Gemma put the emerald in a stand next to the door. They waited anxiously for the door to open but nothing happened.

Frantically, twisting the knob Gemma was beginning to give up hope of ever escaping the terrible place. Suddenly, the door swung open to reveal a secret passage way which led to nothing but darkness. All of a sudden, she saw a glimmer of light ahead of her. Curiously, she crept towards it not knowing where it would lead to. “Don’t be afraid, hold my hand tightly whispered dad.

Before they knew it they were standing in a strange room ; the sound of silence was  broken by the sound of a cow  mooing! However, this was no ordinary cow, instead of producing milk it produced liquid gold. Their jaws dropped at the site

“This could make us a fortune” screeched dad excitedly.

“Holy cow it’s a magic cow,” screamed Gemma.

Then, from behind a closed door they heard a loud roar.to their amazement they saw a golden dragon with enormous wings. Beside the dragon was an egg filled with emeralds, topaz and rubies.

Suddenly they heard loud footsteps getting closer.

‘Quick grab the jewels, ‘yelled dad

“Don’t forget the cow “, screamed Gemma.

Quickly, the three of them climbed on the dragons back and it flew them off into the sunset and safely home.

Meanwhile, the giant stood peering out of the window of his golden castle and wept as he saw his dragon fly off into the distance carrying his magic cow, the golden egg and his  precious jewels.

Once they were safely back home Gemma and her father lived a wealthy lifestyle and were never poor again, so lived happily ever after.

We all dressed up for World Book Day and here are a few examples:-

Mr Ball as Gandalf, Mrs Greene as Alice in Wonderland, Miss Smith as Funny Bones, Mrs Beddison as Pooh Bear and

Mrs Highgate as Little Miss Happy.

Mr Watling as a Pirate, Mr Glenister as Dr. Who, Mary Poppins and Harry Potter.

Dorothy, some of our Staff and Reception Mary Poppins.

All Alice’s together…….

Reception and Year 3 shared reading………

Years 1 and 4 shared reading

Years 2 and 5 shared reading

Nursery and Year 6 shared reading