PSHE & RSE Curriculum

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At Eastcote Primary Academy our aim is, in partnership with parents and carers, to equip pupils with accurate information, positive values and effective skills so that they may celebrate their uniqueness, take ownership of their health & wellbeing and enjoy healthy, safe and positive relationships now and in the future.

From the youngest to the oldest members of our school community, we provide opportunities to celebrate diversity, show respect and develop responsibility, embracing and valuing what makes people unique in our community and beyond. Our curriculum is taught through the Primary Years Programme IB philosophy, which we intend to deliver to a high standard, providing our children with essential life skills and preparing them to navigate real life situations going forward.

‘Curriculum for Life’ is Eastcote’s approach to teaching RSE and PSHE. It is taught through assemblies, lessons, school events, clubs and break times. Our curriculum has a spiral approach and uses carefully selected resources that meet the needs of the pupils at the appropriate level. Some elements of the ‘Curriculum for Life’ are, where relevant, interwoven through PYP Units of Inquiry and specific subject lessons across the curriculum, enabling pupils to make tangible links. 

In Early Years provision, both Personal Social & Emotional Development and Physical Development are Prime Areas – with much planning, assessment and review ongoing – and they are implemented through planned and structured PYP Units of Inquiry.

Substantive knowledge is built upon as pupils move through Key Stages 1 and 2, developing a greater depth of understanding of some aspects through a widening range of ‘ways of knowing’, as well as acquiring new skills and attributes along the way. 

A clear, collaboratively created progression map, alongside ongoing informal assessments, enables parents to see and teachers to ensure that learning is spiral and pertinent to the needs of the cohort they are teaching. Through the learning experiences across subjects at Eastcote and personal knowledge gained beyond school, pupils are presented with opportunities to apply the skills and strategies they have acquired through ‘Curriculum for Life’.

The impact of ‘Curriculum for Life’ will be primarily evident through pupils’ and their families’ behaviours and interactions, through the confidence, empathy and compassion they express in a range of situations in school and beyond.  Individual pupil books and whole class journals will also show evidence of the impact of ‘Curriculum for Life’. When the time comes for pupils to embark on life beyond primary school they will understand, value and celebrate diversity and know that the knowledge and skills they have acquired can be used responsibly to contribute positively to their own wellbeing, their community and to wider society. Along with the PYP, ‘Curriculum for Life’ will guide pupils on their journey to becoming responsible citizens who are able to make well-informed decisions.