Year 5

Class Information

  • Reading Records are checked every Wednesday. It is expected that the children read at least three times a week they need to date and sign to show they have read.
  • Reading out loud is a skill so please try and encourage your child to read to you.
  • Your child is expected to bring in their reading book and journal every day.
  • Spelling and maths champion targets will be sent home on the first Friday of each half term. There will be an informal mini test on 15 spellings every Thursday this ensures your child is practising their spelling on a weekly basis, the whole list will be tested on the last week of each half term.
  • P.E. The children will be doing PE on Friday and on a Tuesday(when there is no swimming).
  • Children will go swimming on a Tuesday afternoon.

Please ensure all belongings are clearly labelled.

Unit of Inquiry

Theme: How the World Works

Central Idea: Scientific and technological advances impact understanding of Earth and its place in the solar system.

We will inquire into:

  • The relationship between Earth and celestial bodies in the solar system (connection).
  • The impact of Earth’s position and movement (function).
  • The development of ideas about the solar system (change).
  • Using technology to learn about the universe (function).
A diagram of the Solar System.