Year 6

Class Information

  • Children are expected to read at home for pleasure. Reading comment tasks are done in school at 8.45-9.00am daily.
  • Spelling and maths champion targets will be sent home on the first Friday of each half term.
  • Spellings are tested every Friday: 10 weekly words plus 10 words that the class have spelt incorrectly in past tests.
  • PE: the children will be doing PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – but PE kits are expected in school Mon-Fri as there are occasional extra PE sessions during the course of the year.

Please ensure all belongings are clearly labelled.

Unit of Inquiry

Theme: How the World Works

Central Idea: Scientific and technological advances can change environments.

We will inquire into:

  • How electricity works
  • How electricity has had an impact upon our daily lives
  • How we should use electricity responsibly