Eastcote Primary Academy is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all its pupils. As a school we recognise that safeguarding against radicalisation is no different from safeguarding against any other vulnerability. All staff are expected to uphold and promote the fundamental principles of British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

In formulating this supplement to the safeguarding policy, the Governors have taken account of the guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) who has called for all public bodies to make explicit their preventative measures to minimise the threat of extremism in their setting.

Definitions and indicators

Radicalisation is defined as the act or process of making a person more radical or favouring of extreme or fundamental changes in political, economic or social conditions, institutions or habits of the mind. Extremism is defined as the holding of extreme political or religious views.

The Governing Body has a zero tolerance approach to extremist behaviour for all community members. We rely on our strong values to steer our work and ensure the pastoral care of our pupils protects them from exposure to negative influences. Furthermore, our positive promotion of our values and virtues equips our pupils with the skills to reject violence in all its forms.

Aims and Principles

The main aims of this policy statement are to ensure that staff are fully engaged in being vigilant about radicalisation; that they overcome professional disbelief that such issues will not happen here and ensure that we work alongside other professional bodies and agencies to ensure that our pupils are safe from harm.

The principle objectives are that:

  • Pupils are encouraged to adopt and live out our Core Values and virtues.  These complement the key “British Values” of tolerance, respect, understanding, compassion and harmonious living.
  • Pupils are helped to understand the importance of democracy and freedom of speech, through PSHE, collective worship, through the elected School Council members and work in committees.
  • Pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe, in school and when using the internet.
  • Pupil’s wellbeing, confidence and resilience is promoted through our planned curriculum and out of hours learning opportunities.
  • Pupils are supported in making good choices from a very young age, so they understand the impact and consequences of their actions on others.
  • Governors, teachers, teaching assistance and non-teaching staff demonstrate an understanding of what radicalisation and extremism are and why we need to be vigilant in school.

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is: Mrs K Hall.

Mrs K Hall

Our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is: Mrs A Brown.

Mrs A Brown

If you have any concerns about a child and the school is closed please telephone the London Borough of Bexley on 0208 303 7777 and ask for Children’s Social Care.

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