COVID-19 Catch-Up Funding Strategy 2020-21


Catch-up funding Total – £18,386   (£9,923 chromebooks and £8,463 bespoke interventions and support)


Specific Outcomes

  1. Pupils to achieve expected outcomes in line with targets set in the Academy Performance Agreement.
  2. To provide an outstanding Quality of Education  which sustains pupil engagement in school remotely through the development of a  digital strategy.


Intervention  Purpose Target Pupils and Barriers to Learning Cost Success Criteria (How funding overcomes barriers)
Implementation for online teaching in Y6 through the purchase of 1:1 Chromebooks by the Trust for every child in year 6. To give all pupils required skills to become successful digital citizens.

To ensure pupils are able to access and progress in the learning from anywhere, digitally.

Some pupils are not competent in using online learning resources and platforms.  £9,923 100% of children are using a Chromebook safely and  effectively for online learning whether at home or in school. 

Teachers Google level 1 certified by summer 2021

Academy becomes accredited with National Online Safety Award


Intervention  Action Target Pupils/Barriers to learning Cost Success Criteria (How funding overcomes barriers)
Ensure  high quality teaching and learning that closes gaps and ensures all pupils make good progress and achieve well. Staff recruitment to ensure quality of teaching continues to be outstanding.  Year 5 £8,463 100% of children are making sustained age related progress and their education is not disrupted by Covid.