Mission Statement

Eastcote Primary Academy is a place where children feel happy, safe and secure. It is a nurturing and friendly environment, filled with pupils who respect and care for each other. Learners celebrate their differences and understand that it is good to have differing viewpoints. They are aware of the world and have a sense of their role within it.

At Eastcote we work together with parents and the wider community to support, challenge and inspire children through a creative and engaging curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility and ownership of their learning, empowering them to become independent inquirers. As a result, children are curious and excited about learning and develop a love of it. They leave ready to embrace life confidently, and flourish in our diverse world as caring internationally minded citizens.

Core Values

Our core values are Aspire, Learn, Laugh, Love.

Aspire – to be the best people we can be and to do the best we can,

Learn – both intellectually and morally,

Laugh – as often as possible- everyday!

Love – one another as a community.

Learner Profile Attributes

These are the attributes that we aim for all pupils to leave with:

Inquirers – asking questions, researching, investigating, experimenting and being curious.

Communicators – sharing ideas, listening to others, expressing ourselves in different ways and using correct body language.

Thinker – thinking about things, trying to solve problems, trying to make good decisions, and learning from mistakes.

Knowledgeable – asking questions, finding out new information, remembering and learning from others.

Principled – doing the right thing, being honest and telling the truth, being fair, and taking responsibility for my own actions.

Open minded – listening to others’ opinions, knowing it’s good that people are different and trying to understand other perspectives.

Caring – being kind, caring for others, trying to help others, wanting others to be happy and being sensitive to others’ needs.

Balanced – looking after body and mind, trying to be balanced in all aspects of life to keep healthy and feel happy.

Risk taker – trying new things and having the courage to stand up for what I believe, trying to solve problems in different ways and challenging myself.

Reflective – thinking about learning and choices, knowing when I have tried my best, thinking about what I do well and what I could do better.

Our core values link with the learner profile attributes:

Aspire – to be the best people we can be and to do the best we can (risk-takers)

Learn – both intellectually and morally (inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, reflective)

Laugh – as often as possible- everyday! (balanced, communicators)

Love – one another as a community (caring, open-minded, principled)